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The Bone & Breast Care Centre was establised by Dr Louella Ritz in 1997. We offer up to date, innovative, state-of-the-art screening services. We pride ourselves in caring for and treating each patient professionally. Most of the all-female staff have been with the centre for more than a decade and we all share the same passion of providing patients with quality healthcare. We are also a member of Morningside Breast Care. This ensures a multi-disciplinary, informed approach for each patient's treatment protocol. 


We follow guidelines similar to The American College of Radiology and the American Cancer Society and recommend that women begin annual screening mammograms at age 40. A family member with Breast Cancer in the 40's or earlier, mandates starting screening 10 years earlier. All menopaulsal women should have a baseline bone density examination. Men over the age of 65 should also consider having their bones tested. While breast care is predominantly women focused, many of our patients are men too. 

About Us

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Meet the team

Our Network

After so many years in practice, we have built up a sound network of allied specialists and experts in the field of breast diseases. Should you be diagnosed with cancer, you will be immediately referred to one of our expert surgeons or oncologists. You will be able to ask questions and discuss your concerns in a friendly, informative and comfortable environment.The philosophy of care within the unit is to combine a cohesive professional team approach to treatment with a personalised service aimed at involving and supporting patients in decision-making.

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Dr Louella Ritz

MBBCh (Wits) --- (1976)
FCRad Diag (1982)

Dr Ritz is the Director and Specialist Breast Radiologist at The Bone & Breast Care Centre (BBCC), since its inception in 1997. At BBCC we offer an holistic multimodal approach to all breast problems and osteoporosis screening. Dr Ritz stays updated with new and current trends by attending local and overseas congresses.


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Jenny Moss


Jenny is a Medical Receptionist at the Bone & Breast Care Centre (BBCC).  She has been part of the team since 2006. She is also a graphic designer and co-owns a Printing Company. She takes care of all the marketing, printing and design-work for BBCC.

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We have brought together an expert team of specialist consultants, radiologists, mammographers and other clinical professionals to design a service that provides wrap around care, meeting all your physical and emotional needs. This fully integrated service will make sure you receive the right assessment, diagnosis, and treatment as fast as possible.

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Pam Strydom


Pam is a qualified Radiographer with an extra qualification as a Mammographer (cum laude - 2009). She has worked at The Bone & Breast Care Centre since 2007.

Dr Keren Spiegel-Moyal

MBBCh (Wits) (1997)

FCRad Diag (CRSA) (2004)


Keren has been been a Specialist Radiologist at Dr L Sulman and Partners, and a Breast Radiologist with Dr L Ritz since 2009. 

Martie Du Preez


Martie qualified as a Radiographer in 1990 and obtained an Honors degree in 1993.  She qualified as a Mammographer in 2000 and has worked as a dedicated Mammographer since then.

Monique Fouche


Monique qualified as a Radiographer in 2008 and a Mammographer (Cum Laude) in 2010. She has been practicing Mammography since 2012.

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Fernanda Santos


Fernanda Santos She is a medical receptionist. Fernanda has been part of the team since we moved to new premises in Morningside. She is our resident Portuguese translater for all our patients from Mozambique and Angola.

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Yvonne Lougin


Yvonne has worked at the Bone & Breast Care Centre since 1999.  Yvonne makes sure that the staff are all fed and well hydrated.  She maintains an efficient laundry and the cleanliness of the centre.

Lea Hadad


Lea is the Accountant for The Bone and Breast Care Centre. She has been part of the team since 2006. Lea is also a Breast Cancer Survivor!