Professional team


At the Bone & Breast Care Centre we appreciate that suspecting you may have cancer is very worrying. We will endeavour  to see you as soon as possible to start the diagnostic journey.

All of our staff are ladies, ensuring that you feel comfortable with the breast care and bone density procedures. You will be able to discuss your questions and concerns in a friendly, informative and comfortable environment. We aim to provide a seamless diagnostic journey and give our patients the best treatment options and support possible.

Patient care


Health diagnostic and professional services

The Bone & Breast Care Centre is constantly evolving. We provide concise diagnoses and professional services which include the full range of bone and breast care diagnostic procedures. Our mission is to provide the best solution and quality healthcare to our patients. If you want to contact us, please fill in the contact form on our website contacts page.


We've moved. . . to. . . 

                                              200 Rivonia Medical Centre

After 22 years this is the new home of the Bone & Breast Care Centre. Here we offer all the same services at our new premises. We look forward to welcoming you here!!!